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TMJ Hope Weekly Wrap Up

TMJ NewsHave lots of people in your family been sick lately? Im finally getting over the flu…. Still tired, but wanting to get back to life!
Today we are introducing a new weekly post… A weekly wrap up. Every Friday, we will cover any TMJ related research or health related news that we feel you might be interested in, as well as sharing anything that has been going on over the week here at TMJ Hope…either here on the blog, on the forum, or on our Facebook page.
If there is ever anything you think your fellow TMJ Hope readers would like to know, maybe an article you came across or some news you think we would all like to read, please submit it!
First, here is what we were up to here on TMJ Hope this week:
State of the TMJ Hope Union – please stop by and let us know how we can help you in 2011!

And now, on to the health news:
New Painkiller With No Side Effects or Addictive Qualities May Be Ready in a Year – According to researchers at Stony Brook University, a new painkiller that blocks the sodium ion channel involved in the transmission of pain, may be available within the next two years. Scientists at Stony Brook found that this drug could control pain without the same side effects and addictive qualities of opioid drugs. Preparations of the drug in oral and topical forms are being developed now in England & Canada, and a US company announced recently that they have entered Phase I clinical trials as well.
Source: Science Daily
Experimental Morphine Like Drug Lasts Longer, Has Fewer Side Effects Than Standard Morphine – morphine-6-0-sulfate is a little known version of morphine that was found to last longer and be 5 times stronger than standard morphine (when given by IV). It also took longer to develop tolerance, and did not cause constipation as easily.
Source: Loyal University
New Treatment Reverses Tinnitus – Nerve Stimulation – a group of scientists showed that playing various tones to rats with tinnitus while also stimulating the vagus nerve, significantly reduced their tinnitus. Scientists are now creating a device to try with humans.
Source: New Scientist
Migraines & Headaches Present No Risk to Cognitive Function – a study shows that having headaches or migraines often does not increase the risk of cognitive issues, namely short term memory, speed to correctly carry out specific tasks, and orientation in time and space.
Source: Medscape
FDA Lowers the Amount of Acetaminophen in Prescription Painkillers РManufacturers of medications that contain acetaminophen (Tylenol) have been asked by the FDA to limit the amount to 325mg. The FDA is also requiring the manufacturers of the drugs to update the labels to warn about risks of liver injury. Acetaminophen (APAP) is found in medications like: Tylenol with Codeine, Percocet, and Vicodin.
Patients are advised to talk with their physicians if they have any questions.
Source: FDA
It’s nice to finally have the new website up, though we are still working on it. We hope you like it! We tried to incorporate many of your suggestions, and will have more content that you’ve suggested coming up soon.
Any questions or comments about the news/research?
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