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TMJ Hope Product Review… enVy Pillow

This review comes from one of our members. Thank you Kathy and Kim at enVy Pillow for your generous donation.
Thank you so much TMJ Hope for sending me the Envy pillow. I have to admit that after trying every type of pillow on the market I was skeptical.  

I have 8 different pillows on my bed and every night I play around with plumping, folding in half, stacking and placing them in every configuration I can think of…nothing has ever been just right. I have had multiple TMJ surgeries and like to sleep on my side, so the pressure from other pillows causes my jaw to ache, and often I wake up with a headache. 

The V shape of the Envy pillow takes the pressure off the jaw and I find that I sleep much better. Another interesting side effect of the pillow is that it is much more comfortable to read in bed, my head and neck feel supported when I lay on my back too.

My other 8 pillows are now used to decorate the bed and end up on the floor in the morning. I wish I would have known about Envy a long time ago. Thank you so much. 

Sue F
You can read more about the enVy Pillow here:

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