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Week of May 26th – TMJ Hope Forum Flashback

What's Going On At the Forum?
In this week’s Forum Flashback, we wanted to highlight some of the items that we think you should know about. That way you aren’t missing out on all the great conversations going on!
Did you know that we have a “Daily Grind” area on the forum where we chat about how the day has gone & what we’re up to? We laugh, tell stories, and sometimes talk about TMJ disorder…but it isn’t all about jaw problems 24/7 – we get to know each other and care about how our members are doing each day. Stop in and say hello while you are having your coffee in the morning, or check in periodically throughout the day to chat with your fellow TMJ Hope members.
We also have a forum where you can read other patient’s stories and share your TMJ story. For those of you (and there are a lot of you!) who are interested in the splint therapy poll, make sure you take a look at our Non-Invasive Therapy forum, where members are sharing their experiences with conservative treatments like splints.
Don’t forget to vote on our splint therapy poll! Also, if you would like to receive these blog posts by email so you don’t miss any, on the right hand sidebar here is a sign up box that says “Get Free TMJ Friendly Recipes & Tips By Email.” Just enter your primary email address there and you’ll be good to go! :)

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