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TMJ Arthroscopy Basic Overview

The second article in our TMJ surgery series, arthroscopy, is now live and ready for you to read!
Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. TMJ Arthroscopy Surgery
The next in the series is TMJ arthroplasty, which is open joint surgery (includes joint suturing, disc removal, temporalis muscle grafts, fat grafts, etc).
TMJ Arthroscopy Article

1 thought on “TMJ Arthroscopy Basic Overview”

  1. I had tmj seen 1979 and now i`m 45 years old. One morning i woke up my tmj was gone my jaw will only open a finger think and it always lock up on me.Now my tmh is gone the lockjaw is gone i can open my mouth without it locking .Now i have so much pain in my face there numbness and sharp pain Im seening a neurology , He said that i have Trigaminal neuralgia. I`m take pills for that but it not helping at all so he sent me for a MRI to see what is going on but i don`t have the result yet. i ratter have the lockjaw then the pain i have in my face.

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