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Thermalon Moist Heat Compress – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two

The Thermalon Heat Compress features convenient ties and is specially contoured to apply moist heat to the facial area.  You can also freeze it for cold therapy.
We can see this being great for TMJ disorder patients – for headaches, muscle spasms, facial pain, etc. Plus, they are really affordable – $12.99 for one.
Thermalon has generously given us at TMJ Hope a discount code for 20% off.  The code is: TMJ2010
You can redeem it at:
Good luck!! Together, we have hope.

This giveaway has ended

25 thoughts on “Thermalon Moist Heat Compress – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two”

  1. Only $13 bucks? Where can I buy them?!
    Several people in my family have on-again-off-again TMJ problems, including a sister that has gone to the ER *twice* with a dislocated jaw! I’d be the queen of x-mas if I could get her one…

  2. Heat is a wonderful thing. Boy these heat packs are putting my bath & body one that i’ve had for 10 yrs to shame. Technology has came along way. Maybe if I order one it will help me win one.

  3. Oh…my….goodness. I was just standing in the pharmacy, today, trying to find something that would keep the heat on my face. This would be perfect! If I could pick on thing to win, it would be this.

  4. I wonder if this is better than heating pad :) might be with specifically for TMJ. I know I would try anything at this point cuz I have a splint, use ice pack and regular heating pad and sometimes pain meds and seems if wants to act up it will. My good days grateful for as bad days, I’m not able to do much and course surgery I’m sure everyone knows is last resort too.

  5. This heat pad looks amazing…it will help with the daily headaches and sinus problems that I suffer from because I can’t have the sinus surgery I need. You guys have great ideas!

  6. After 18 years of dealing with TMJ, this looks very promising since i sleep everynite with either heat or ice!! I love this has given me great ideas on how to cope with this horrible disorder/disease.

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