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TMJ Hope’s Patient Panel Checks in with Their First Product Reviews!

One of the questions we are asked quite often is if we know of any products that help TMJ disorder patients. So, we decided to create the patient panel, a panel of TMJ disorder patients who review these products. Here are our first product reviews! And by the way, if you have a suggestion for a product you would like reviewed, please contact us!


“My TMJ Disorder has led me to rig up some pretty bizarre contraptions over the years just to find a little pain relief. One of which was using a dish rag to tie an ice pack to my head. Now that I’ve found the Face Caddy, I can lay that one to rest!

I first put it on after a particularly hard day of constant pain at the joint. It felt awkward at first and kept slipping off so I had to play with wearing it at different angles. I finally settled on placing the bottom at the edge of my chin and the velcro part at the top back of my head. This positioning made it feel like it wasn’t budging. It also made it feel like I couldn’t move my jaw at all. I could talk but it was an effort to do so. But when you’re wearing this, you’ll probably just want to relax in peace and quiet anyway!

I tried it sitting up, walking around and lying down. I was able to do all of that without it slipping at all.

The one thing I’d change is get better ice packs. They are rectangle but the pouches they go in are a lot narrower so they didn’t really lay flat (Editor’s note: this problem has been taken care of by FaceCaddy).

Overall, it’s a good product and I will use it often!

To learn more about FaceCaddy, visit their website (use the coupon code “TMJ” for $5 off for TMJ Hope readers).

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