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TMJ Disorder Research & Health News Weekly Round-Up – Third Week of May

You may have wondered why we’ve been a little quiet over the past two weeks. Well, now you can see why! We have had our hands full with the new addition to the family. She is insanely cute, but has more energy than any puppy I have ever met. Sometimes I wonder if someone switched her water with Red Bull when I wasn’t looking!┬áSo, now TMJ Hope has an adorable mascot! ­čÖé

In other news, we had a great article about choosing a protein powder this week that you’ll definitely want to read. Leave a comment on the post if you have a favorite type or brand – your comment could help someone avoid all the trial and error of finding a protein powder. There are also some tips at the end of that post that really made the difference for me when I was on a liquid diet (and I still use the tips now that I’m on a soft diet). Click here for the protein powder blog post.

We also published an article on TMJ arthroplasty – open joint surgery. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like us to add to the article!

Now, on to new research! There have been several interesting pieces of research in the past couple months that I would like to cover:Read More »TMJ Disorder Research & Health News Weekly Round-Up – Third Week of May

February 7-11 Weekly News Round-Up


This week on TMJ Hope, we had several important posts worth highlighting:

First, we asked you if you would like to participate in our Patient Panel, to review TMJD related products & get sneak peaks of TMJ Hope’s new features (there is still time to enter if you haven’t already!). Also on Monday, the FDA published a press release discussing their new postmarket surveillance study for TMJ implants. Very important news if you are a surgical patient.
Yesterday, we put up a poll asking if you felt that weather affected your jaw pain. We’ll be publishing the results next week, so make sure you answer it if you haven’t already!Read More »February 7-11 Weekly News Round-Up

Top Five TMJ Disorder Questions

Over the years I have spoken with thousands of TMJ disorder patients, and have noticed that we ask very similar questions. I had a lot of these same questions when I started researching, but it was hard to find the answers.

TMJ Patient Questions

    1. Does anyone experience dizziness with TMJ disorder?

Yes.  Many TMJD patients experience dizziness, and some experience a general off balance feeling.  Sometimes this can be attributed to swelling in the joint that is putting stress on the inner ear.  The inner ear is where your balance comes from.

    2. Sometimes when I move my jaw, I hear a popping noise in my ear.  Does this mean I have TMJ?

Maybe. Jaw noises do not 100%, all the time mean you have TMJ disorder. ┬áSome people have noises in their jaw joints, but never worry a day in their lives about developing TMJ. I think of it like a knee or ankle popping. Sometimes my knees pop when I go up and down the stairs, but I’m not too worried about developing a massive arthritis problem.

    3. Do Botox injections decrease TMJ related muscle spasms or jaw pain?

Read More »Top Five TMJ Disorder Questions