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Sundesa Blender Bottle & TMJ Hope T-Shirt – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One

Every TMJ disorder patient drinks smoothies!  Here’s a way to take your smoothie with you while you’re running errands or going to work. The BlenderBottle is such a great idea and it works so well!

The BlenderBall in the bottom is like a wire whisk, which moves around the bottle when you shake it. You can mix any ingredients, no matter how thick they are.

Isn’t that neat? 🙂

You can read more and check out their website at – tell ’em TMJ Hope sent you! 🙂

Now for the second prize of this giveaway pack! A Limited Edition “30 Days of Hope” TMJ Hope t-shirt!

These are very rare and haven’t been seen in the wild yet, so you may be one of the first TMJ disorder patients to have one. 🙂 The design is a surprise until

they are unveiled, but here’s a picture of one of our normal shirts until then (P.S. – if you want to buy a shirt, a hoodie, or a tote bag, here’s where you can do that… we’ll be adding new stuff very soon: TMJ Hope’s Store).
Together, we have hope.

31 thoughts on “Sundesa Blender Bottle & TMJ Hope T-Shirt – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One”

  1. Now this is something I could really use. This is perfect for taking to work, running errands, or even taking out to restaurants with family and friends where I may not be able to eat what’s on the menu.
    And I would absolutely rock that T-shirt. 🙂

  2. That bottle is such a great idea!! And I looove the tee-shirt design. (Maybe when the giveaway is done you could provide links or places to buy the products for those who didn’t win. These products all look amazing and I had no idea the even existed!!

  3. I love it! Mix and go with no mess to clean up! Thanks for finding this product for us… If you guys anything like me, time is something that is always in short supply. I love te idea of adding everything to the bottle and running out the door!

  4. I would rock that tshirt during CrossFit workouts. Awareness is key!

    Plus, Blender Bottle is a solid product! Easy to use, simple to clean, and no leaks! Good stuff, and keep up the great work.

  5. i like the shirt. it’s simple and striking. most of my friends do not know what TMJ is. seeing tmjhope can get people’s attention.

  6. Love t-shirts, and my best friend has been after me to try one of these shake bottles forever as they swear by it!

    This is an amazing 30 days Stace…so excited for TMJ Hope and TMJ patients everywhere. 🙂

  7. I agree, Jennifer! A TMJ Hope hoodie would be awesome! Everybody loves hoodies. Wouldn’t that be a great way to raise money for awareness? I know my family would want them and I have people at work that suffer from TMJD who would love them too.

  8. I hate bananas and every smoothie recipe I run across has them in it. Yuck. Anyone have any good smoothie recipes without that awful fruit? LOL

  9. The shake bottle looks great, who doesn’t love a smoothie?? I love the T- shirt, we need more awareness about TMJ. My idea for a t-shirt would have the Vincent Van Gogh picture of the person holding their head apparently in pain. I identify with that picture on many days, it expresses what I feel, that many don’t see.

  10. “No, your jaw popping and grinding doesn’t give you any idea what I deal with”

    Too cynical for the t-shirt? Ah, well. My nick name in middle school was ‘Critic.’ I tend towards the sarcastic.

  11. Cynical, maybe, but I know what you mean, Silver. I have two people at work who have popping and grinding without pain and they seem to think they know what I’m going through. I just try to explain that there are many different issues associated with TMJD, that each case is unique, and I encourage them to see their dentist/doctor before theirs gets this painful.

  12. All of the products you are offering are great and I would be honored to win anything as would everyone else! This site is such a lifeline for me and I hope that all involved know how much it is appreciated!

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