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Sunbeam Renue Relieving Heat Therapy for Neck & Shoulders – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two!

“Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing, tension-relieving comfort of this unique heating pad. The area-specific pad is shaped with an upper flap to target the neck and shoulders at the same time. A moist heat option ensures the comfort gets deep into your muscles.”
We think this is such a great idea for TMJD patients!

Together, we have hope.

This giveaway has ended, but you can still learn more about the Sunbeam Renue Therapy for Neck and Shoulders.

24 thoughts on “Sunbeam Renue Relieving Heat Therapy for Neck & Shoulders – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two!”

  1. This is a perfect solution for those of us who keep having to shift the heating packs from side to side :) Everything all at once! Great!

  2. I love heat when it comes to my TMJ pain! A regular rectangular heating pad just will not conform to my neck and shoulders. I never thought I’d get shoulder and neck heat relief easily until I saw this. I’ll definitely let everyone I know about the new Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy!

  3. I use my heating pad every night for pain relief, but it’s square-shaped so I can never put it on my neck, shoulders and face at once. This one looks like it has everything covered!

  4. Oh! This looks awesome. BTW – never use cold – I have some sensitive teeth and since my jaw seems to simply not react to the cold, I hold it on my skin too long and the cold reaches my teeth!
    With current neck pain on opposite side from TMJ pain, I can’t use my heating pad at all. I used to make a hollow in my pillow, and lay down with the rectangle heating pad in the hollow spot so it stretched from my chin to just aft of my temple. Now there isn’t a way to do that since it leaves my neck unsupported and makes the other side hurt too bad. Can’t lay on the heating pad on the side with the neck problem, because that pushed my jaw over, and I can’t sit up with the pad because it falls off!

  5. Oh wow! That releases tension in my neck and shoulders just looking at it. I don’t get my heating pad out much as there’s too much basis to cover. I take hot baths some to cover more basis, but this heating pad would work great when time is too short for a bath. I would surely use it a lot!

  6. This looks wonderful. I’ve seen these advertised, but I’ve not been able to afford them. I’m on disability, and can’t afford any of this stuff. What a dream all this would be.

  7. This heating pad looks great as I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and tension off as my severe TMJD was as a result of a roll-over car accident in 2001. Heat seems to help some of the pain there.

  8. My life is dedicated to heating pads, ice packs and other items that i can use to soothe the pain in my face, head and neck. This looks wonderful and would be perfect for the office!!!

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