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PostureMed Pillow by Neck Solutions – 30 Days of Hope Giveaways – Week Five

The PostureMed pillow was specifically designed for patients with neck and TMJ pain by a doctor. It uses high quality foam, and by reacting to your anatomy, it cradles your neck to allow for the best posture. Many memory foam pillows actually make YOU conform to THEM, instead of the pillow actually conforming to your anatomy. The PostureMed is soft and doesn’t require any break-in time, so it immediately conforms to your anatomy.
You can read more on Neck Solutions’ website. The best testimonial is that the owner of the site also has TMJD and neck pain… and this is the pillow he uses!This giveaway has ended.
Did you know that during the month of November we have given away close to 3,000 dollars (actually, it’s exactly $2,810) of TMJD friendly products? Shipping to each of the winners was generously donated by the employees of TMJ Hope (all 2 of them ;-) A huge thanks goes to Candy – without her tireless work, this month would not have been possible). Also, stay tuned for a detailed breakdown post of how every single one of us (including YOU) have tangibly raised awareness for TMJ disorder.
We couldn’t do this without your continued support, and we are looking forward to bigger and better campaigns in the future. We still need your help to spread the hope – Donate to TMJ Hope today.

25 thoughts on “PostureMed Pillow by Neck Solutions – 30 Days of Hope Giveaways – Week Five”

  1. I’m with some of the others that the winners need to report back how these work. My spouse would sure love less tossing and turning searching for the elusive comfortable spot.

  2. This looks great. I hope it will work great. It can turn out to be best possession. Good night sleep is what we TMJ patients need the most.

  3. Michelle, Jennifer, & KC – We’ll be reaching out to everyone who won a pillow and having them write a review as soon as they’ve had a chance to try them. :)

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