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New to TMJ Hope? Here's how to get started…

Welcome to TMJ Hope! We are so glad you found us.

I’m Stacy, and I’m the founder of TMJ Hope, and I’m a patient too. There are a lot of posts, articles, recipes, and other information here for you, and believe me, I understand how overwhelming it can be to find the information you are looking for (that’s one of the reasons why I created TMJ Hope in the first place).
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Which of these sound like you?

Beside each bullet point is a link to the described information.

I’ve just been diagnosed with TMJ disorder & want to learn how I can feel better!

I want to talk with people who understand what I’m going through.

  • Facebook -Our Facebook page is very active, come visit us!
  • Blog – Read stories of other patients, recipes, latest research, & connect with others in the comments.

I am having surgery soon, and need help preparing for it.

I’m sick of mashed potatoes and need some new recipes!

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