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Mintiva TMJ Pain Relief Cream – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One

Mintiva TMJ Pain Relief Cream is a topical pain relief cream made specifically for TMJ disorder patients.
Here’s what Mintiva has to say about their cream: “It is formulated to have small molecule particles, which means it is absorbable. Many other topical creams are good in theory, but their molecule particles are too large to penetrate the outer layer of the skin through the epidermis to the joint and muscles. Trolamine Salicylate, an odor-free topical pain reliever, works directly with our patentable trans-dermal delivery system to carry our many inactive ingredients directly to aching joints and muscles. Not only does Mintiva TMJ Pain Relief Cream have a unique delivery system that provides fast-acting TMJ pain relief, but it also has the endorsement of many highly respected figures in craniofacial pain management.”
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32 thoughts on “Mintiva TMJ Pain Relief Cream – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One”

  1. This giveaway is not only good for getting free stuff but also for learning what kind of products out there could help me! Thanks for doing this! I just might have to comment on everything 🙂

  2. i’ve broken two of my morals with my grinding – if that’s not bad enough, the pain of the tmj itself is AWFUL. never heard of this cream til now!!! ty for making it!

  3. This stuff sounds to good to be true! I would love to try it, instead of having to take some sort of pain reliever just rub a little cream on!8D

  4. I would love to try this! I find that smell/ vapors from most over the counter creams make it hard to put on your face (cause they smell horrible and some I’ve tried even made my eyes burn! So one that is more effective and is odorless, is a win- win!!

  5. I would love to try out this product. I didn’t even know something like it was made or existed. I hope to find it in stores… Thank you for the useful information.

  6. I’m anxious to try this. I’m at a point where I’m willing to try anything safe to get even temporary relief. Perhaps this would help me stay at work all day long and not have to use FMLA. I hate not making it through the day.

  7. Just went to their website and registered for a spot in line to get their free sample. This is something I’m very interested in and the reviews on their site seem to be very promising. Oh, just to have some temporary relief while I wait for a more lasting solution! May that wish come true for all of us.

  8. This sounds like a great answer to that pain that won’t let go. I’ll have to look for it, some products I have tried make my eyes burn and water.

  9. I have a perscription cream – Voltaren Gel – for my hands. Wonder if it is advised for jaw? Wonder if this cream – mintiva – is better?

  10. Hope I’m not double-posting – Google Chrome still crashes a bit…
    I can hardly take ibuprofen on a full stomach with nothing else in my system, so when a combo of Aleve and Tylenol doesn’t cut it, I’m stuck with the pain till it hits the point where the stomach cramp is worth it…
    Maybe this stuff would be a good alternate pain relief…

  11. I agree with everyone, I’d love to not have to take Motrin and could rely on a cream I could use where I have pain! Thanks for offering these products!

  12. I got the free sample yesterday and it is gone already. I used it immediately (last night) on my jaw area, as I have a severe toothache that spreads to my jaw. Almost instantly (yes–this is where it sounds too good to be true), the pain was gone and I felt great all day today. Now that it has been over 24 hrs, I am starting to feel the pain again, but it was like a magic lotion! I have been taking 20+ Ibuprofen/day and do not want to continue that so I would LOVE to win some of this!! Thank you!

  13. If I get this one, I’ll take it to my doc and have him check it out…. I take way to many meds to be trying something without him looking at it first, but this sounds wonderful!

  14. with the grinding that I do, I have ruined all the upper teeth with many breaking below the gum line. There is always tension in the joint and not to mention the headaches. I want to try anything that helps!

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