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Makura Miracle Pillow – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One

The Makura Miracle Pillow is a 100% Natural buckwheat hull filled adjustable orthopedic cervical pillow.
It is used by patients with neck pain, back pain, muscle tension, snoring, and yes – TMJ disorder, of course!
If you’ve never used a buckwheat pillow, it’s neat because it provides support to the exact contours of the head and neck instead of compressing and putting stress on your muscles. The filling is also cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of the buckwheat’s insulating properties. Another big plus is that the filling lasts a lot longer than most other pillows (and it’s environmentally friendly).
Read more about (or purchase) the Makura Miracle Buckwheat Pillow.
The contest is over for week one, and winners are posted here:
Good luck!! Together, we have hope.