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Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program

We get a lot of questions about insurance, and what to do when you can’t afford the high cost. Here is a resource that we thought might be helpful


The Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program
is uniquely designed to help those who
are uninsured, income-eligible obtain
health care coverage for a low monthly
charge for up to 24 months. Eligible
individuals pay a fraction of the premium
cost and Kaiser Permanente subsidizes
the rest. Coverage includes preventive
services, hospitalization, comprehensive
pharmacy and more.

$27.00 – Single Subscriber
$49.00 – Subscriber & Child(ren)
$55.00 – Subscriber & Spouse
$82.00 – Subscriber, Spouse & Child(ren)    This link is for the Washington DC area, you will need to find the program for your area. In order to apply you have to be associated with one of their partner programs. Not everyone is qualified, but if you can get into this program it is tremendous!  After my husband and I lost our jobs during the recession, he qualified as a musician and member of a performing artist association. Even when we became employed again we were able to keep the insurance for the full two years. I had surgery a year ago and the total cost was $15.00. (yes you read that right).

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