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February 7-11 Weekly News Round-Up


This week on TMJ Hope, we had several important posts worth highlighting:

First, we asked you if you would like to participate in our Patient Panel, to review TMJD related products & get sneak peaks of TMJ Hope’s new features (there is still time to enter if you haven’t already!). Also on Monday, the FDA published a press release discussing their new postmarket surveillance study for TMJ implants. Very important news if you are a surgical patient.
Yesterday, we put up a poll asking if you felt that weather affected your jaw pain. We’ll be publishing the results next week, so make sure you answer it if you haven’t already!

Botox Offers Little Help in Chronic Migraine – The UK’s Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin considers the evidence that Botox is effective for chronic migraine “limited and unconvincing.” They say that there were discrepancies in the trials, and the diagnosis for “chronic migraine” was incorrect in almost 2/3 of the trial participants. More information

Treating Chronic Pain and Managing the Bills – The New York Times offers tips on how to control costs from medical bills when you have chronic pain. Fairly basic coverage, but still good reading anyway. Source.

Looking at Your Body Reduces Pain – new research published in London & Italy suggests that just looking at the body part that is hurting reduces the pain. The way the body part looks also influences the pain, meaning that the bigger the body part, the more reduced the pain levels are. The study suggests that the experience of pain begins in the part of the brain that represents size in the body. Source.

Have you come across any news this week that you would like to share?

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