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Face Caddy Ice & Heat Therapy Face Wrap Giveaway – 30 Days of Hope – Week Four

This is a new product that we’re excited to introduce you to. The Face Caddy is an ice AND heat therapy wrap. It is elastic fabric that fits around your head/jaw area, and you can adjust the level of compression. It comes with reusable ice/heat packs that you can either heat in the microwave or boiling water, or put in the freezer for cold therapy.

John, the inventor of the Face Caddy, took care of a friend after facial surgery. The surgeon told her that she needed to continue applying ice to the area, and recommended frozen peas. John thought it was ridiculous that patients were stuck using messy, inconvenient packages of frozen peas….so he created Face Caddy! We agree… if you’ve ever accidentally opened a bag of veggies that you previously used on your jaw… you know what John is talking about! 8-O

We also have a special TMJ Hope only coupon for those of you who would like to purchase a Face Caddy.

Just go to this hidden page on their website, and you can get $5.00 off your purchase! No code necessary.  Secret Face Caddy Discount for TMJ Hope Readers

This giveaway has ended.

16 thoughts on “Face Caddy Ice & Heat Therapy Face Wrap Giveaway – 30 Days of Hope – Week Four”

  1. Such a simple contraption for such awful needs
    A way to warm and to cool down keeping close to the body
    A simple assit to painful conditions
    That it stays in place is such a big plus!
    Could I use it you betcha
    Would I use it every single day.

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