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Chike Protein Powder – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway

I don’t think I have to tell you all again about my issues with protein powder…  😳 but suffice it to say, I’ve never been a fan. Until I stumbled across Chike! I’m not the type of person to try new TMJ Friendly Protein Powderprotein powders because of my aforementioned ‘issues’ – but, Remy at Chike convinced me and was confident that I would like it (and that you all would too!). He was right! So far, my favorite is the Vanilla, but I’ve heard really great things about the Banana too.
We’re excited to be giving away some Chike again this week! We want everyone to try it so you can be freed from those other gross powders & drinks that don’t need to be named….
You can read all about it, check out all the different flavors, and buy some for yourself at!
Also… we may just pick several winners over the course of the week for this one! 🙂 🙂
(This giveaway has ended)

13 thoughts on “Chike Protein Powder – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway”

  1. With my second round of joint replacements coming up (hopefully soon!) this would be a lifesaver. Always looking for the right thing to turn to to qwentch that craving when you can’t eat what you really want. Would love to give this a try. Thx.

  2. I drink allot of Protein Powder and can’t stand anything gritty or bad after taste..Chocolate is the only kind I have been able to tolerate of any brand I have used..
    I have not heard of this brand and would love trying it..My jaws feel constantly like I need root canals with nerve damage so soft foods are the only thing I have found that works and proetin powders help with weight loss as well..

  3. just had surgery- and all of the protein powders i have tried taste like chalk!- sticking to carnation instant breakfast for right now, but would love to try this!

  4. C-arry some during the
    H-olidays as it is
    I-ntended to help with our chewing/jaw/ear pain.
    K-nowing we have this simple assitance can
    E-ase us through the coming festivities as every step is a huge gain.

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