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Chike Protein Powder & Blender Bottle

Our 5th item for this week is a sample pack of Chike Protein Powder. I think I may have mentioned to you all before that I’m not usually a huge fan of protein powders. I was wired shut for a while, and had toTMJ Friendly Protein Powder drink my food. I tried to drink ready-made protein drinks… but they made me sick. I couldn’t keep them down.
Chike, however, is different. It comes in Banana, Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry, and Chocolate… and it’s GOOD for you, but it doesn’t taste like the other protein powders. I’ve tried it with water in a Blender Bottle, I’ve tried it in a blender with milk and frozen fruit, and I’ve tried it with milk shaken in the Blender Bottle. Each way is good! I was really pretty floored that it tasted as good as it does!
You can buy some for yourself by visiting their website:  So, the first giveaway is some Chike…..
Then, with a big thanks to the company for being so generous, we have another Blender Bottleto give away! These are fantastic.

Good luck!! Together, we have hope.

9 thoughts on “Chike Protein Powder & Blender Bottle”

  1. I’d love to have another drink powder to alternate with, but I don’t really have the money to go buying random stuff on the internet without a taste-test first!
    Currently the only protein-powder-type thing I like is Nestles Carnation Instant Breakfast in chocolate flavor… Gets a bit boring, and is meant as a diet substitute breakfast. I could use something more nutrient-packed, and some flavor variety!

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