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Buckwheat Comfort Pillow by NeckSolutions – 30 Days of Hope

Since most TMJ disorder patients have a difficult time sleeping & are very interested in finding the right pillow, we’re happy to be giving away this buckwheat pillow from Neck Solutions.
Here’s what Neck Solutions has to say about their Buckwheat Comfort Pillow: “The Buckwheat Comfort Pillow uses side panels which are perfect for back and side sleeping. Our standard buckwheat pillows offer a consistent fill and quality materials. Our extra soft, zippered cover is 100% cotton and the only time you will need to use it would be to remove the hulls for washing or to decrease the fill as our pillows are stuffed with hulls!
The hulls in our buckwheat pillows do not conduct heat and maintain a cool, comfortable temperature for your head and neck as you sleep. Buckwheat Pillows use hulls which conform and contour to relieve pressure on your head and ears while allowing air to circulate for added comfort. The NeckSolutions Buckwheat Pillows provide stable support as you sleep and you will not find yourself constantly having to move the hulls around to get comfortable. The pillows conform to the natural contours of your head and neck while the hulls instantly shift and shape for support in back and side sleeping positions. The support of consistent fill allows the smaller neck muscles to function more efficiently during sleep. Even support means relief from stiff muscles known to contribute to headaches and stress.”

23 thoughts on “Buckwheat Comfort Pillow by NeckSolutions – 30 Days of Hope”

  1. Yay for this site and tmj hope. i have learned so much since discovering the site. and these give aways are a great idea to give tmj suffers a look at whats out there 2 help and a great chance to win…bonus!!!!

  2. Sleep without a pillow is impossible for me.Sleep with this pillow is a pleasure for TMJ patient like me.Of all activities the world provides, sleeping is most rewarding. With this pillow the rewards increases. Winning this pillow will make me happy because it will fulfil my greatest need. Thanks!

  3. Ooooh! Comfy looking! Pick me! Pick me!
    I’m busy posting links to – it’s so needed for better and faster help – thank-you for linking your site to FB!!!

  4. This looks and sounds wonderful! I go to bed with moist heat and wake up grabbing the heating pad…feels like I get socked in the jaw about every morning…

  5. I need this pillow so I can get a good nights rest, so I can dream they have found a cure for TMJ,,,When I wake up I feel like I have my cure, this pillow

  6. Funny i just posted a question on pillows, mine has gotten very lumpy… and this week especially has been tough on my jaw. Needless to say that i would adore to have one of these pillows!

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