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How Does TMJ Disorder Compare to Other Chronic Health Conditions? We Break Down the Statistics

tmj statistics

Click the image to see the larger, more readable version!

Not satisfied with the amount of awareness around TMJ disorder? Either are we. Let’s spread the word. Talk about it with everyone. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist, friend, postwoman/man, your kid’s teacher, your hairdresser – tell them about TMJ disorder. Print out the image above and hand it out. 35 million voices will be heard!

What do you think of these statistics?

6 thoughts on “How Does TMJ Disorder Compare to Other Chronic Health Conditions? We Break Down the Statistics”

  1. I talked to my new surgeon about this today and he said it’s acutally even more than this because it goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed so often. He now knows about this site and he pulled it up on his laptop while I was sitting there. He has focused a great deal of his practice and research to TMJD. He said it is a great source of advocacy.

  2. This is amazing Stacy! I love it! I’m going to send this out to some of my family & friends (and maybe doctors).. awesome. thanks! you rock! :)

  3. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments! I do agree that many are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. I wish we had the statistics to say for sure how many.
    We have some more infographics like this one coming up that I think you will also like. If you have any ideas for follow-up charts, do let me know! :)

  4. Thank you very much for this! Can’t say I have anyone I need to hand this to right *now*, especially since many members of my family have had issues (I knew TMJ could cause migraines from my sisters, so they don’t discredit my pain, ya know?) I can see a use for it in the future. Say, when I get insurance and start the long hunt for all the medical persons I’m supposed to see once a year.
    I *have* to find a dentist that understands, but if the dentist is cool with rx’s (if I need them at that time) then I could deal with a doctor that needs to see this chart.

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