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Theracane – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One

The Theracane is amazing! It’s one of those things that you never knew existed, but you just can’t live without once you have one.
It’s looks like a short cane with balls sticking off of it randomly, but it’s anything but random. You use it to apply pressure to treat trigger points (or muscle knots). The pressure helps break up adhesions in muscle fibers and tendons.
The way it’s built allows you to apply a lot of pressure without a ton of work. Even in the middle of your back (where massaging a trigger point yourself would be pretty much impossible without the Theracane).
It’s easy to enter our 30 Days of Hope giveaways! Here’s how:
1. To be qualified to win the Theracane, you need to be signed up for our newsletter. Enter your email address in the top right box (with the big magenta arrow that says “TMJ Tips”) (or by clicking here).
2. Make a comment on this post! Make sure you include your email address (don’t worry, it doesn’t show to the public). Your comment can be anything, it is just so that you are entered into the giveaway.
3. Next Monday (November 1st) we will announce the winner here on the blog.
Good luck!! Together, we have hope.


15 thoughts on “Theracane – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway Week One”

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this, but have read that trigger point therapy can bring a lot of relief for TMJ suffers – here’s hoping I get a chance to find out for myself *crosses fingers*

  2. i have Fibromyalgia,RA, and OA as well as TMJ I use to have something like this it was a big “S” shaped tool did wonders for me, but SO expensive…. I can’t afford to replace it. Would love to have this.

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