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Best of 2010 – Your Favorites!

TMJ Disorder Best Of Posts2010 has been quite the year for TMJ Hope. From the first post back in April, to 30 Days of Hope giveaways, there were many posts & articles to choose from for our “Best Of” list.  So, we calculated your favorites based on two things – number of comments, and number of views.
Here are the posts with the most comments over the year:
Who is TMJ Hope? {Stacy’s Story} – This is my story, how I got here, & why I created TMJ Hope. Great discussion in the comments.
TMJ Surgery Recovery Tips – Lots of great tips in the comments.
TMJ Disorder Statistics Compared – If you haven’t seen this post, please take a look, because it’s an incredibly interesting depiction of the statistics behind TMJ disorder. A great way to introduce loved ones to this condition.
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