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Why I’m Stepping Down – And How It Should Give You Hope

TMJ Hope was founded in January 2010 as a support and informational resource for patients like you. What many of you may not know is that there was a site prior to TMJ Hope called TMJ Friends. I have personally been involved in the advocacy world for over ten years as I went through my journey with TMJD. It has been a long journey, but one that I think has come full circle.

It’s with great consideration of you, of the community as a whole, and of myself, that effective immediately, I am stepping down as the head of TMJ Hope.

I am running a thriving business that takes up most of my time, and more importantly, when I list the things that I am (entrepreneur, friend, daughter, etc), TMJ disorder patient is no longer on the list.

I am truly a living, walking example of what it means to have hope for the future.

I’m leaving behind two amazing people, Candy and Kristen, who are excellent choices to continue TMJ Hope. They are both committed to offering the support and resources you need to thrive with TMJD. Everything will pretty much stay the same, except I will no longer be running the site.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up your lives, for trusting me with your stories, your questions, and above all for your support of each other.
My email is open if you have any questions, and comments are open on this post if you’d like to discuss anything.

It is my sincere wish that each of you come to the point in your lives where living “Beyond Hope” is attainable.


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