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State of the TMJ Hope Union

Welcome to TMJ Hope’s new website!

Instead of New Years Resolutions, we thought we would start a new tradition of coming up with three words that will be our guidelines for the coming year. We will use these words as guidance for how we should focus our efforts in 2011.

1. Listen

Our pledge to you is that we will continue to listen to your questions, suggestions, and feedback. We read every single comment, email, and suggestion, and consider them carefully.

2. Share

Our pledge to you is that we will continue providing a platform for you to share your TMJ disorder journeys. We will share information, news, recipes, stories, and more. My personal commitment to you is to share more of my story and my experience, since you enjoyed reading my TMJ surgery & total joint replacement story . Can you promise us &  your fellow patients that you will continue to share your stories, recipes, questions, and suggestions?

3. Grow

We would like to reach more people that are affected by TMJD, but we can only accomplish this with your help.
We are only two people, & the funds to run TMJ Hope (web hosting, shipping of giveaways, etc) come directly out of our own pockets. Unfortunately, our pockets are not that deep. We need your help to climb to the next step and continue growing.

Here is how you can support TMJ Hope:

Use our links to shop (if you already shop there, this would be a great way to support us!)
Purchase a TMJ Hope t-shirt/sweatshirt/etc (though please note, we only receive approximately $1 per t-shirt)
Here’s to a brand new website, and a renewed commitment to listen, share, and grow! :)

The suggestion box is open – what would you like to see here at TMJ Hope in 2011?

2 thoughts on “State of the TMJ Hope Union”

  1. Hey Guys,
    Just had my Bilateral Plication with Mitek and removal of bone spur this week am very swollen but good. Apparently operation was success, YAY. Hopefully I can get some relief now. I love this website and have gained a lot after reading other stories and tips etc. Congrats on the new site and I hope people get just as much out of it as I have. Take care everyone :)

    1. @HaleyPlaza Hi Haley, I’m so glad to hear your operation went well! Please keep us updated on how you are doing! :)
      Thanks for the congrats, I’ve had the flu that was going around so the site isn’t 100% finished, but we’re working on it. :) Mostly we really wanted the information to be easy to find and read, since that’s the important part of the site. We can work on pretty stuff later!

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