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Splint Therapy Questions For Your Dentist

So, your dentist has recommended splint therapy. What now? There are some important questions that you need to ask before committing to a treatment plan.

1. What is the the expected outcome? Why is this particular splint being recommended for me?

2. What are my other options?

3. What happens if my pain increases?

4. Do I wear the splint during the day? Night? or both?  Can I take it out to eat?

5. How long before I feel some improvement?

6. If the splint does not work what are the next steps that we need to take?

7. How often will the splint need to be adjusted? How much will it cost?

8. If my bite is wrong, how will you determine the right bite in order to make
   the splint?

9. Is this splint just the first in a series of phases? If so, what phases will

10. Will insurance cover the cost of the splint and follow-up treatments?

11. Do I have to sign a financial contract with you before start of treatment?

1 thought on “Splint Therapy Questions For Your Dentist”

  1. I have a splint that i wear only at night. My dentist said it would take up to 6 months for it to take full effect,after that he would put braces on me for a minimum of 24 months,then a new splint,and lastly a retainer for life! Long story short after 9mo of adjusting it every 3 weeks i was pain free. He then said we could move on to the next step,but i wanted to be pain free for my kids’ summer so yea. The pain stayed away for about 3 months. Almost all summer… I was still wearing the splint throughout the summer since he told me it was better for my jaw to stay “in place”. I knew getting teeth pulled/braces was going to make my summer really painful,so i thought this was a good option.Only to have the pain come back rite out of the blue. I’m saposed to get my 4 teeth pulled and get the braces put on some time this month. As of (8/20/13) i have decided to stop treatment with him. To date we have paid about $2700.00 just for me to go rite back where i was 18mo ago. The splint did help,but for the cost the 3 months that i was pain free isnt worth it! Total cost for him treating,and “fixing” my TMJ is $8500.00. If the first step failed why would i go forward? Sigh…

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