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Spacesleeper Pillow – 30 Days of Hope – Week Three

The Spacesleeper pillow is a unique pillow that helps keep pressure off of your face & jaw area while you sleep. Spacesleeper also says that this can be helpful for patients after surgery, preventing them from sleeping on their stitches or post-op areas.  Here’s how they describe their pillow: “Spacesleeper’s unique design creates a space between your face and sleeping surface, therefore preventing any contact points. By preventing contact between the face and sleeping surface it eliminates any pressure, stretching, folding and permanent creasing of the facial tissues caused by sleeping.”

8 thoughts on “Spacesleeper Pillow – 30 Days of Hope – Week Three”

  1. Still can’t make the laptop let me post on my livejournal! Argghh… Not sure when I can find a wifi that would be more cooperative.
    This looks cool.

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