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SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two

The second item for week two’s giveaway is this SleepRight Pillow! We know a lot of you have issues with sleeping and are interested in finding the right pillow for you. Hopefully this will help in the search.
Here’s what the folks at Splintek had to say about their SleepRight TMJ Pillow:

“Here’s how the SleepRight® Side Sleeping Foam Pillow works ~
The Visco-elastic memory foam pillow conforms to your facial contours by taking an impression of your head and neck anatomy. This greatly minimizes the unwanted side effects of pressure points, which is a benefit unavailable in regular pillows. As your head settles into the full facial cradle, the memory foam pillow will softly conform to your personal anatomy. The memory foam will automatically adjust to your body temperature and head weight as your head and neck stabilize in its resting place. When equalization between head weight and the elasticity of the memory foam pillow is achieved, your head and neck posture will be ideally aligned with your spinal column.”
This giveaway had ended
Together, we have hope.


32 thoughts on “SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow – 30 Days of Hope Giveaway – Week Two”

  1. I’ve tried and failed with so many pillows over the years its very frustrating, but this looks like it was designed with TMJ in mind. Would love to test it out!

  2. I’ve just reciently been diagnosed with TMJ. I have had pain for years but didn’t know the problem. It takes me so long to get to sleep at night. I’d love to see if tis pillow helps. Thanks!

  3. This pillow is amazing! I sooooo would not have survived the past 8 years without it…it lasts a long time…mine is just now getting soft! :)

  4. I’ve asked chiros, dentist, massage therapists, acupuncturist what pillow they personally use or their patients/clients swear by but haven’t gotten a great pillow recommendation . . . maybe I can find a pillow I can recommend to them!

  5. Oh, this is just what I need! Looks great! I am having so much pain because of the feather pillow I currently sleep on. Would love to win this!

  6. WOW, this looks great!! Currently I use two down pillows and try to make them fit my neck, then I put my hand above my jaw to support my head and face so that I don’t lay on my jaws. Quite a spectacle, I’m sure, but not much sleep. Would love to try this.

  7. This pillow looks like heaven as sleep is something that is very important and fully impacted by TMJD. I would love a good nights rest!!

  8. This can be wonderful. Without proper sleep, man as well as other beings cannot live. Of all joys that the world provides, Sleep is the most rewarding. This product is imperative for tmj patient like me who wakes up after 7-8 hours of long sleep with terrible muscle pain in face, neck scalp and arms. This product can have extremely positive effects on me. The effect will also last and the start of the day will be positive. I will sing and dance all the day. Wow!

  9. What a great idea, sleepless nights because of uncomfortable head postions. It would be great to get a good nights sleep, and I could if I had this pillow. No more recliner or lounge chair for me.

  10. This looks like the ideal pillow to prevent neck pain while cradling the jaw. I can’t imagine falling asleep in under 5 hrs!
    This could do it!

  11. I have had a lot of stress with my husband’s death and it has settled into my jaw. I Need relief. Please send me info on how I can get this pillow please!

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