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New Poll – Does Arthrocentesis Work for TMJ Disorder? Vote here!

Does TMJ Arthrocentesis Work?Lately we have been getting many queries on TMJ arthrocentesis. Here are some of the questions you have been asking:

  • Does TMJ arthrocentesis work?
  • What is the recovery like? How long is the recovery time?
  • How long does an arthrocentesis take to work?
  • What should your diet be like after the procedure?
  • What type of doctor performs this surgery?

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Not sure what an arthrocentesis is? It’s a surgery done on the temporomandibular (jaw) joint, that is done by an oral surgeon usually under IV sedation. To learn more (and read the answers to the above questions), see our TMJ Arthrocentesis article.
We’ll be back with the results of this survey in a couple weeks. In the mean time, let us know about your experience with arthrocentesis in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “New Poll – Does Arthrocentesis Work for TMJ Disorder? Vote here!”

  1. I had some short term increase in range of motion, however the pain level did not improve. My surgeon told me (after the fact) that I had “waited too long” to get this done and that my chances of success were slim. Would have been good to know prior to the surgery! I had to jump through a thousand hoops to get this surgery approved by insurance, so that was part of why it took me “too long” to do.
    However, I guess as desperate as I was/am for pain relief I probably would have tried it at the off chance it worked. It is not that invasive and is very quick. Recovery for me was longer than for most, and I had massive swelling, but everyone is different. My advice for anyone going into this surgery is to be clear of what the surgeons expectations are for you, how long your recovery time will be before you should typically see results, etc. Be educated and ask a lot of questions! Good Luck!

  2. I had this surgery 2 years ago. It provided some short term relief for about 6 months. Now I am actually worse off, but dont know if this has anything to dowith the surgery or not.
    Yes my surgeon didnt tell me anything about success rates. He really mucked up alot of things, I certainly was not clear of any expectations and it was a shambles.

  3. I had this done a 1 & 1/2 uears ago. He also used cortisone shots. I went back a week later for my follow up and the stiches to be removed and he asked how it felt. I opened my mouth and both sides popped & cracked again. I told him it didn’t work. He said he knew that because during the surgery while I was under, he opened and closed my jaw and it was still the same. I didn’t see the point of asking me that question when he already knew the answer. He did tell me it was not guarenteed before hand. I was depressed it did not work to say the least. I has since then progressed worse, but that was the direction it has been heading in for the last 15-20 years.

  4. I had an arthrocentesis after an MRI revealed that the meniscus on one side of my jaw was out of place and badly deteriorated. The procedure was done under general anesthesia and lasted about 1 hour. I have experienced great relief from the procedure. My range of motion has returned and the throbbing pain has gone away. I had a minimal amount of pain equal to that of a bruise for 3 to 4 days following the procedure. The arthrocentesis was performed only 5 months ago so I are not sure how long the comfort will last.
    My oral surgeon was thorough and excellent about explaining to me the condition my jaw joint was in. We will be monitoring regularly as there is some concern that future deterioration will affect the jaw bone.
    I am very happy that I had this procedure. The headaches and pain was simply unbearable and the muscle relaxers I was taking prior to the procedure exhausted me. Anti-inflammatories were a waste of time.

  5. I had it done 4 months ago and the pain is different, not better, just different. I no longer have sharp shooting pain that stops me mid-sentence, causing me to lose my place, or seering pain that occupies my thoughts for days. It is now a constant companion, with me always, although at a lower intensity. I get headaches now.
    I have anterior disc displacement without reduction – or very limited opening. Somewhere along the way I’ve misplaced my smile too.

  6. I’m sixteen and recently just had arthrocentesis on both sides of my jaw. My jaw started to crack and pop (dislocating and relocating) about six months ago and was refered to the max fax facial surgons. its been 3 days since my surgery and im still in pain and on medication. I seriously hope my operation worked but reading all your comments is keeping me optimistic!! :D I’m so glad i found this website :D

  7. 6 weeks ago I had the procedure after MRI revealed a displaced disk on the right side.
    I’m a nighttime teeth clencher, and am now wearing an appliance at night.
    The surgery provided immediate relieve to the throbbing pain I’d experienced for 1.5 years. My jaw still feels incredibly tight, but now I can move it from left to right. I’m in the process of getting the TheraBite jaw motion rehab system, which my insurance may cover. Insurance covered my MRI, oral surgeon visits and arthrocentesis surgery.

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