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TMJ Disorder Timeline

In all of our research, writing, answering patient questions, and talking with experts, we’ve wondered – what is the history of TMJ disorder? Other than a few pieces here and there, I’ve actually never seen a comprehensive timeline of what has happened to cause TMJ… Read More »TMJ Disorder Timeline

Do You Have Bruxism?

Normal chewing applies forces of around 25 to 50 pounds on the back molar teeth. clenching and grinding have been shown to create forces as high as 250 pounds during sleep. During normal chewing the upper and lower teeth may come into contact only for… Read More »Do You Have Bruxism?

TMJ Disorder Glossary

    ADA- The American Dental Association ADHESION- An adhesion is a band of scar tissue that binds together two anatomic surfaces which are normally separated from each other. ANKYLOSIS–  Ankylosis refers to the partial or complete inability to open the mouth which results in functional and… Read More »TMJ Disorder Glossary

Orgain Meal Replacement Review

We often get asked about protein drinks and meal replacements.   Orgain was developed by a doctor who was undergoing cancer treatment. He used this product to help stay healthy and maintain his weight during treatment. One of our test panel members tried Orgain and here… Read More »Orgain Meal Replacement Review