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Orgain Meal Replacement Review

We often get asked about protein drinks and meal replacements.   Orgain was developed by a doctor who was undergoing cancer treatment. He used this product to help stay healthy and maintain his weight during treatment. One of our test panel members tried Orgain and here is what she said:

Orgain is an organic ready-to-drink protein shake that was formulated by a doctor to be the first of its kind on the meal replacement market. Based on what I’ve seen of these types of products, it is unique- it’s organic, nutritious, convenient, and worth a try if you are in search of a protein supplement or meal replacement. I tried Orgain in Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Sweet Vanilla Bean flavors.

The first thing that strikes me about this product is how convenient it is. The Orgain drinks are stable at room temperature, and seemed to have survived what was likely a very warm trip on a delivery truck. I’ve been trying some other protein powders that I mix with water or milk in a blender bottle, but Orgain is much more convenient as it is premixed and portioned out, and can be kept out or chilled in the fridge. It is also nice to just be able to grab one and go in the morning or for lunch (or, bring a few in to keep in the fridge at work!)

My biggest concern with meal replacement shakes in general is that I like to eat! Sometimes the thought of just drinking something in place of eating a meal is enough to keep me away- especially since if I drink one, I might still end up eating anyway. But I had one the other morning in place of breakfast, and I was surprised at how full it kept me. One Orgain drink and a banana kept me full until lunch, which is a rare occasion for me regardless of what I eat for breakfast!

Each Orgain drink box has 255 calories, which is a reasonable amount if you use it as a meal replacement, or even to use in between meals or after a workout. It contains 16g of protein, and has a 2:1 ratio of complex carbs to protein (great for energy and building muscle). The ingredients include several organic vegetables and fruits (this may be the only time I’ve ever had kale!) and tons of vitamins. It’s gluten free, preservative free, and caffeine free, but does contain soy and some lactose for those of you that need to avoid those ingredients. If you aren’t able to eat a healthy meal, or are looking for a protein supplement, this is a great option as it provides tons of nutrients in addition to protein and calories alone.

The price seems to be  about $2.50-$3 per box in stores, but they are sold at limited retailers. Amazon does have a good Subscribe and Save price at about $28 for a box of 12. I just ordered a case of the chocolate on Amazon to use when I start my splint therapy in a few weeks!

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