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Introducing: Beyond Hope

When I started TMJ Hope a little over two years ago, I had a mission in mind, but no idea what would come of it. The mission was to help TMJ disorder patients thrive through support, information, and community.
Of course, that is still the mission today, but the past couple weeks have taught me another important lesson:

The immense power of hope and inspiration.

So many of you have written us after hearing my story, letting us know that you’re now inspired to learn to LIVE…to THRIVE…instead of just survive.
That TMJ disorder cannot and will not define who you are, and you’re ready to take the next step, to learn how to live the life you thought was out of reach for you because of pain.

I am so inspired by you!!

My resolve is even stronger to share everything I know and have learned about thriving with TMJD with you.
I’m so excited to welcome you to a new, cutting edge offering for TMJD patients.. A way you can learn straight from me and other patients, how to live an extraordinary life with TMJ disorder.
Beyond Hope is a 4 week interactive experience unlike anything that has ever been offered in the TMJ world. 
Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

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