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An interview with John Lucas, inventor of the Face Caddy.

Lucas_BW-111x128One of the most recommended products we’ve come across for helping TMJ disorder is the Face Caddy. Its inventor, John Lucas, contacted us about two years ago and asked if he could send us some free samples to give away to our members to see if they liked it.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Of course, no one product works for everyone, but on the whole, the Face Caddy has given TMJ Hope members an easy and comfortable way to apply heat and get some relief from their pain.

Members here at TMJHope have left many positive comments and recommendations for the Face Caddy. And John has set up a dedicated page on his website, , where you can use the discount code, “tmjhope” to get $5.00 off your order.

Here’s a short Q & A with John so you can learn more about his product and how he invented it.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for Face Caddy?

A: Several years ago, a friend was having a surgical procedure on her face. I picked her up at the doctor’s office after the surgery and the doctor said that for the next several days, my friend needed to ice her face several times a day for 20 minutes at a time. This would help with pain, swelling and bruising. I said, “Sure thing. How do we do that?” The doctor said, “Put some frozen peas on her face.” And he promptly left the room.

So I thought, “OK, no problem.” Ha! Little did I know how difficult it would be for my friend to find a way to hold a bag of frozen peas on her face. Not to mention the dripping, slimy, and just plain mess it would make. After a day of this, I thought, “My friend just paid thousands of dollars to this doctor and his post-op advice is to put some frozen peas on her face?” I got mad. And then I got busy. I have a background in design so I told my friend that there must be a better way to apply ice to the face. And the Face Caddy was born.

Q: So how did you and the Face Caddy get involved with helping TMJ disorder?

A: Through a chiropractor who saw the product. He said he wanted to order some to give to his migraine and TMJ patients. I had not even thought about other uses, so this opened up my eyes: Face Caddy could help so many more people. Since then, I’ve reached out to TMJ support organizations, like TMJ Hope, and offered free sample and discounts. I never overstate what the Face Caddy will do. It’s not a medical product and certainly can’t cure any condition like TMJ disorder.  BUT, I know for a fact, from TMJ customer feedback, that it does help many, many people with their pain.

Thanks John! We know our members appreciate your product and we appreciate your support in bringing relief to our community.

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