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Have Splints Helped Your Jaw Pain?

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Monday.
We are very interested in the results of this poll to see how many of you have had success with splints as a treatment for your TMJ disorder and jaw pain. Let us know in the comments if you have anything to add!
We will publish the results in about 2 weeks.

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12 thoughts on “Have Splints Helped Your Jaw Pain?”

  1. A mouthguard/splint has not helped with the pain or discomfort of my TMJD, but I know that if I do not wear it I will fracture more teeth via bruxism.

  2. I wear a nightguard to protect my teeth from bruxism, but when I wake up my jaw actually hurts more than when I don’t wear it. Its a difficult decision I grapple with every night….should I just grind my teeth away, or make my TMJ/jaw pain worse?

  3. Initially, Splint works. The facial pain disappears in the first 3-4 days. But with repeated use joints and teeth pain. I believe i am still looking for the right splint and thus the right splint maker.

  4. Splints did not work for me, I had a soft splint initially, then i had a hard acrylic splint made for my upper teeth to help sort out my occlusion- although they did their jobs, there wasnt any sort of pain reduction in my case- although everybody’s different, I think it was worth a try at least 🙂

  5. 14 years ago I got my first mouthpiece due to my lock jaw. Yes the splint worked. Eventually I stopped using the mouthpiece and functioned normally. I have a high pain tolerance, live a stressful life, and work a stressful job. 8 months ago after going to numerous doctors I was told that my TMJ was the problem. I went to a dentist and got another splint made. That splint did not help at all and eventually I found out that I need a total jaw joint replacement surgery. I think the splints are great for mild to moderate cases of TMJ and should be worn as directed along with the physical therapy and the suggestions on what to eat.

  6. I have started seeing a specialist who told me I had the incorrect mouth guard as I was not grinding my teeth but clenching. He replaced my somewhat squishy guard with two made of a harder composite. He also added to them so that my lower jaw is guided forward to improve the angle of the joint/meniscus when I open and close. One I wear during the day which goes on the bottom, the top one I wear at night. Since starting with them a few months ago I have eliminated all joint pain as well as clicking and popping of the joint.
    My advise to anyone seeking relief – SEE A SPECIALIST. The dentist that provided me with an incorrect mouth guard caused me serious pain. Since seeing the specialist I am so much improved, there is no comparison.

  7. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your replies. This type of feedback is so incredibly helpful for people who are looking for information and answers!
    We always stress, of course, that what works for one patient may not work for another, so take everyone’s experience with a grain of salt as your mileage may vary. However, it is still really nice to hear from others and know that you aren’t alone.
    Knowledge=power! Informed patients make the best decisions. Keep the comments coming! We hope to have more information about splint therapy here on the website very soon, as we know it is an important topic for you all.

  8. I was told a splint would make my issues worse.. to be very cautious of them. However, another doctor told me a complete repositioning 24/7 splint therapy may help, but ultimately isn’t a fix just a crutch. No guarantees either.. and a lot of money for a “maybe”.. I’ve also talked to many people over the years and I’ve heard more harm coming from splints than good. Each situation is so unique.. I’d recommend several opinions before going with splint therapy, and not using the over the counter “one size fits all” kind!

  9. Hello,
    I’ve had great success with my two mouth pieces. My daytime is made of a mold of my teeth with four adjustable prongs on either side. I love it, and my pain is practically gone. The only downside is that since it has adjustable prongs it can slowly come off position and then the pain slowly return until I notice and adjust it back into the right position. And I was told in time I’ll need it ‘built back up’ because my teeth over time will begin to smooth the contours out and it’ll support less. The ‘sleeping’ one is specially made of a mold of my upper teeth and has a small part on the front where there it’s like a small bit of plastic was added. It’s to help the back teeth from touching (I’m a clencher)and I love it also. The first night my dreams were back and I felt refreshed in the morning. I haven’t clenched since last September. I do think that they are very helpful for my TMJ and am so happy to have them.
    But as a little after thought note; I was told the first week or so of wearing the daytime one would be uncomfortable and new pains/aches might arise because my jaw was set in a position for so long and then we moved it all of sudden that it would take time to get used it being in a different position. The first few days were kinda intense but I’m so glad I stuck with it. 🙂

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  11. I have had 3 made, 2 hard and 1 soft. None of them worked in fact the soft one (although years later)mad the pain worse. It forced me to keep my jaw oven even slightly and that only added to the pain. The longer I keep it open, the worse the pain is. It is hell just going to the dentist, takes days to recover from just a cleaning. These things were an absolute waste of my money yet they are pushed by dentists and in my case it was already bad to begin with.

  12. A couple of months after my accident, I was able to get a hard composite splint made. The pain initially increased as I gradually increased the wearing time up to 24 hours, but I started to notice that by NOT wearing the splint at night (guilty of trying it a few times) that I wouldn’t necessarily wakeup in pain but that I would have a diminished opening throughout the next day and that the pain would gradually increase. The bummer part is that the splint was quite expensive, it took MULTIPLE castings to get the right impression, and I’ve now successfully worn a hole through one of the back sections 🙁

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