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First Week of February Wrap-Up

I hope you all are staying warm despite the incredibly crazy weather all over the world right now! Here in Georgia, it’s rainy, gloomy, and cold… yuck! We’re ready for it to be over (and in the mean time, we’ll just hide under the blankets like our friend to the left there… hehe) .
There wasn’t a lot of health related news this week, but we do have some stuff to report on that happened here at TMJ Hope.
First, we haven’t mentioned yet that many of the articles on the site have been cleaned up and improved. There are also some new articles! If you haven’t taken a look around, here is what I recommend reading today:
TMJ & Relationships – a huge list of relationship ideas and tips that I’ve gathered along my TMJ journey.
TMJ Arthroscopy – this article has been added to and improved.
Last here on TMJ Hope, but certainly not least…
How to Manage TMJ Pain Flare-Ups (Plus a Downloadable/Printable Pain Journal) – in this post, I talk about how I deal with pain flare-ups, and also made you a printable pain journal that you can use.
And now, for the health related news:
Study Finds Migraine Surgery Offers Good Long Term Outcomes – The study, published in the February issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, discusses removing the muscles in the area that triggers the patients headache. Source
Pesticides Linked to RA and Lupus –  Source
Patient Advocacy is Essential in Health Insurance Appeals – I loved this article!  It’s written by a doctor who took the time to, as he put it “become an expert on my patient’s illness” & then fought for her care to be approved. If only there were more docs like him. It also paints the picture that insurance companies often won’t improve needed treatments unless they have an idea of how the patient’s illness is affecting his or her life. This is a good lesson for those of us who are attempting to get coverage for TMJ treatment… it’s a good idea to let the insurance company know exactly how the pain limits your life. Otherwise, if you think about it, why would they approve the treatment at all?  Source
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