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The Making of Face Caddy

Editor’s Note: John Lucas, the creator of The Face Caddy, has been such an incredible supporter of all of us who struggle with jaw pain. In this blog post, he shares the story of how Face Caddy was invented. Welcome to the first Jaw Bone… Read More »The Making of Face Caddy

Interview With Kristen

Stacy:  Hi Kristen, why don’t you start off by telling us a little about yourself Kristen: I’m 30yrs old, I’ve been married for 11yrs and we have 2 amazing children. Right now my hobbies are gardening, reading, cooking with my husband and traveling. Right now… Read More »Interview With Kristen

Jessica's Arthroscopy Story, Part Two – Patients Who Give Us Hope!

TMJ arthroscopy story

This is part two of Jessica’s TMJ story. A couple days ago, we left off with Jessica telling us about her first arthroscopy. In this interview, we pick up with Jessica telling us about her most recent TMJ surgery. (Catch up on the first interview.)
Here’s the rest of our chat:
Stacy: Prior to your recent arthroscopy did you do anything
Jessica: I changed my diet to soft foods, took muscle relaxers and
pain medication.  My dentist gave me some physical therapy
exercises, but they made the pain worse. I have become a
big proponent of MRI’s, but this time around my MRI came
back normal. I was confused because I had the same
symptoms as before.  I gave the report to my doctor and
found out that the MRI was read wrong. She said that a lot of
radiologists don’t have the experience, or the knowledge they
need to read a TMJ MRI, and as a result they get it wrong.

Stacy: Your current surgeon gave you the option of having
arthrocentesis the second time around, why did you choose
arthroscopy instead?
Jessica: I questioned why if I had a more invasive procedure the first
time would a more conservative procedure work this time?
Again I had zero quality of life. We talked about both options
and agreed to do arthroscopy again.  I had my second one
in June of this year.Read More »Jessica's Arthroscopy Story, Part Two – Patients Who Give Us Hope!