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Best of 2010 – Your Favorites!

TMJ Disorder Best Of Posts2010 has been quite the year for TMJ Hope. From the first post back in April, to 30 Days of Hope giveaways, there were many posts & articles to choose from for our “Best Of” list.  So, we calculated your favorites based on two things – number of comments, and number of views.
Here are the posts with the most comments over the year:
Who is TMJ Hope? {Stacy’s Story} – This is my story, how I got here, & why I created TMJ Hope. Great discussion in the comments.
TMJ Surgery Recovery Tips – Lots of great tips in the comments.
TMJ Disorder Statistics Compared – If you haven’t seen this post, please take a look, because it’s an incredibly interesting depiction of the statistics behind TMJ disorder. A great way to introduce loved ones to this condition.
The posts & articles with the most views this year:
Arthrocentesis for TMJTMJ Arthrocentesis – What is it? What is the Recovery? (if you haven’t taken a look at this lately, you should…we have improved it & added a poll that will stay indefinitely. We’d love it if you would answer it)
10 TMJ Disorder Tips From a Physical Therapist – a great guest post from Cynthia Peterson.
Pain Management 101 We’re happy this made the list, because we firmly believe that managing your pain is extremely important when it comes to taking control of your TMJ disorder.
Results of Our Splint Therapy Poll – Are Splints Helpful for TMJ Disorder? – There are some great comments here as well.
It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know all of you over the past year. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and lives with us.
We’ve got some great stuff planned for 2011, beginning with a new & improved website. Please forgive us for being quiet until we launch it – we’re working really hard behind the scenes!
As I was looking over the posts for this, I came across this quote, and thought I would share it with you…. “TMJ Hope has been created for you. A place to learn, to share, and to meet others who truly understand what you are going through. As long as we are in this together, there will be hope.”
Thank you for your support in 2010… Here’s to a happy, healthy, hopeful 2011!

Tell us in the comments – what would you like to see more of in 2011?


2 thoughts on “Best of 2010 – Your Favorites!”

  1. Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! I would never have made it through my TMJD issues in 2010 without TMJ Hope. I mean that. This is where I was educated, informed, and supported. This is where I found the information I needed to seek and advocate for my own medical care and this is where I found the support and determination to see it through.
    Now that I have had the arthroscopy that has done so much good, (I can open “two fingers,” I can chew soft foods for the first time in six months, and the pain is much more managable), I would like to learn how to manage the day to day pain, stiffness, and on-going TMJD issues that will be sticking around.
    Thank you so much for everything! I hope I can be the one to “pay it forward” to other TMJD folks in 2011.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment and your support, Lorelei. It’s extremely difficult to adequately communicate in words how much the support of members like you means to Candy & I… Comments like yours carry us through when the going gets tough (and believe it or not, there have been many things happening behind the scenes this year that have tried our commitment to this cause).
    So, thank you!!!! I hope that we can continue to provide the same level of support & information as we grow!
    I will be emailing you soon to get some info on your surgery & recovery.. hopefully we can put up some helpful posts for everyone very soon!

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