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Stacy’s Tip of the Week

Welcome to our new feature, where I will be giving a tip each week to help you on your journey with TMJ disorder. Let’s get started with this week’s tip! This week I want to talk about exercise. I know… can be really hard to… Read More »Stacy’s Tip of the Week

Introducing: Beyond Hope

When I started TMJ Hope a little over two years ago, I had a mission in mind, but no idea what would come of it. The mission was to help TMJ disorder patients thrive through support, information, and community. Of course, that is still the… Read More »Introducing: Beyond Hope

TMJ Disorder Timeline

In all of our research, writing, answering patient questions, and talking with experts, we’ve wondered – what is the history of TMJ disorder? Other than a few pieces here and there, I’ve actually never seen a comprehensive timeline of what has happened to cause TMJ… Read More »TMJ Disorder Timeline