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Remember and Reset

Maybe they should rename it, Temporomandibular Joint and Midterm Election Disorder. Whatever your views, I think we’ve all been through the wringer on this midterm election. But just so you know, this post is not about politics. Politics is just another trigger for clenching your… Read More »Remember and Reset

Reiki For TMJ Disorder

How Reiki Can Help Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) By Lisa Foster, Reiki Master Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction & relaxation technique that uses your own bodies energy to help to heal itself.  Reiki is a subtle, yet powerful modality that can help alleviate Stress,… Read More »Reiki For TMJ Disorder

How to Find a TMJ Dentist

    It is important to remember when searching for a dentist to treat your TMD that according to the NIH “there are no certifications in dentistry or any other medical field specifically to specialize in TMJ”. What that means is the title of “TMJ… Read More »How to Find a TMJ Dentist

TMJ Disorder Reading List

   TMJ Healing Plan Drawing on >20 years as a physical therapist, training in head, neck and jaw pain, and work with dental and medical experts, Cynthia Peterson explains a 10-step process that addresses the root causes and contributing factors of TMJ disorders. Her simple… Read More »TMJ Disorder Reading List