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Absorb Plus Protein Powder Review


Absorb Plus is a brand of whey protein                                                                                                                                                              
powder available in several flavors 
(vanilla,chocolate, and berry). The difference
in this product from other protein powders is that it is very
easy on the digestive system. It is made of predigested nutrients,
which requires very little effort from your body
in order to get the nutrients absorbed; the nutrients are in
your bloodstream within 20 minutes! This is great for people
who may have IBS, colitis,or other conditions that make
traditional protein powders difficult to use and digest.
Many of these conditions are comorbid with TMD at high rates,
so this is a great feature to keep in mind. The product can be
used as a meal replacement for all meals if you are suffering
greatly from digestive problems,jaw surgery, cancer, or another
serious health condition, or can be incorporated for use with
other foods. 
I tried out the Chocolate Royale flavored powder,and made my
first shake according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the
tub. You can make it with just water, or you can make it with
mixing a tablespoon (or less) of flax or other oil in. The
product is  completely fat free, so the oil will be your only
source of fat if you need  it in your diet. The website also
says you can mix in any supplements you may need (such as
immune boosters or vitamins). The creator warns that it is
important to blend on a low setting on your blender due to
the fact that heat can cause denaturation of the elements,
I used a blender bottle which uses no heat. I made a shake
with 4 scoops of powder and water as I didn’t have any oils
on hand, and added a few ice cubes in afterwards. It tasted
better with just water than some other protein powders I have
tried and left a little less aftertaste that sometimes comes
with really basic protein shakes for me. It still tastes like
whey protein, though, so if you’ve tried others before and
didn’t like it, you may not enjoy the taste in this basic form.
As I always like protein powder better with milk instead of
water, I followed this up the next day by making a very simple
protein shake of vanilla soy milk and 4 scoops of powder
(one serving size) in a blender bottle. The chocolate
flavor was very good, and it stirred in very well without
being lumpy, and I enjoyed it much, much more this way than
just with water. I occasionally have a sensitive stomach,
but I experienced no discomfort or indigestion from this
product. The creator warns that soy milk can depress
thyroid function, hormone production, etc. and isn’t ideal,
but I enjoy the flavored milk much more than water and drink
it very occasionally.However, it is important to keep these
warnings in mind about different mix-ins based on your personal
health concerns and preferences.
The Absorb Plus website offers other recipes for shakes
including combinations of different flavored powders, adding
bananas, mixing with raw milk, mixing with almond milk,
and other options in if you don’t like the taste
with just water. One serving size of the chocolate
Absorb Plus is 4 scoops of powder, which is 374 calories
and 30g of protein. If this is a meal replacement, that
is a very reasonable amount of calories and provides almost
half of your daily intake of protein depending on your
dietary needs. 4 scoops was a lot of powder and calories
for me (as I am not trying to build muscle mass,and am not
having too much trouble eating full meals at the moment)
so I began to scale back the amount of powder (1-2 scoops)
I mixed in to about 1 to 2 cups of milk. If you are on a
tight budget, the price of this product isworth mentioning.
One 2.2kg container contains 10 servings of powder for
around $59. This comes out to about $5.90 per serving
which makes for an expensive protein drink, especially
if looking to use it as a supplement to other meals and
you are not experiencing difficulty with other protein
powders.However,if using it as a meal replacement
while struggling with jaw pain or recovering from surgery,
or struggling to maintain weight or absorb nutrients,
this product is a great resource.
The cost is likely more than worth it if this will be an easy,
convenient,and pain free source of nutrition.
Due to the rapid uptake of the predigested nutrients,
this product is not recommended for diabetics. And of
course, check with your doctor about any nutrition concerns
and to make sure this product is acceptable
for you if you have any concerns.
Do you have a favorite protein powder or meal supplement?

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